More than publishing


Welcome to Author & Beyond!

You never know where the adventure of publishing your book will take you.

You may have an idea. You may have even created a vision board.

But stories have a funny way of showing us who they are intended to reach.

I never intended to be a children's book author. Until one day, I decided to start with a sweet story that came to me during a walk.

Publishing that children's story was meant to get my feet wet in the self-publishing world — ready for my yoga manuscript.

And to get me over the fear of what people would think of my writing... my story.

That one sweet children's story soon turned into seven!

I quickly realized that stories have a life of their own.

What we believe to be our story, is not necessarily "ours."

It's a collective story.

That wants to be shared.

So, we can have an idea of where we want our book to go in the world.

But we find, like all journeys, it is best approached with an open heart and an open mind. Possibilities abound.

We ask the guardians of the gate to keep us safe on our travels and allow the path to unfold.

There is a place for you to ask questions in our Q&As.

As we notice issues arising with writers, we will post in course to allow others in the group the benefit of learning from each other's experiences.

The power of community.

The power of the written word.

The power of possibility.

You never know what will unfold.

We do know, that at the end of this journey, you will have a book.

It's time to get your message into the world.

~ Stephanie