8-week Online Writing Coaching (A)

Support and accountability for your first draft

We start April 20, 2020.

Need accountability?




How about feedback on your writing?

We keep seeing the same comments in many of our social media writing groups:

"I can't focus on my writing."

"I need motivation."

"I should be getting more done."

"I can't seem to gain any progress on my manuscript."

While we are all safe at home during this time, rather than getting words on the page, we seem to be surfing social media or the shelves of our pantries.


Maraya and Stephanie are here to help you make the most of this time as a writer and get your first draft done!

Or maybe it's your 2nd, 13th or 77th draft.

We're here to support your progress.

Whether you're a novelist or non-fiction writer, all are welcome.

We've been where you are. We know the importance of community and mentorship while you craft your draft.

And to support you further at this time, we're offering this coaching course at over 50% off.

For $149 Canadian, you get 8 weeks of support for your writing.

"If you are looking for an Angel to help you with your book – Stephanie is it!
As a new author I have truly enjoyed and greatly benefitted from working with Stephanie. The process and steps to getting me to my goal were laid out very clearly, making the journey seem manageable and gave me the perspective I needed. Every check in we did was always relevant to where I was in the process, as Stephanie was able to sense and anticipate where I was and what would be next. I highly recommend working with Stephanie, as you will receive the much needed guidance and support!"

- Malcolm Saunders, author of Elixir Life: Modern Nutrition Meets Ancient Herbal Wisdo

This is a coaching course

Each week, you will receive a link to the week's lesson, along with inspiration to get you writing, AND a group live Zoom call to answer your questions and talk about writing support. Your responsibility is to write during the week and post some of your progress in the lesson by the end of the week. You will receive feedback from Maraya & Stephanie: both professional multi-genre authors and coaches, (Maraya is also a professional editor). You can receive feedback from other writers in the course. You will also be expected to provide feedback for them. (We'll explain how to do all of that in the course lesson. All feedback will be respectful, productive and in the spirit of encouragement and supporting both writer and story).

It's like having coaching, Alpha readers AND Beta readers for your book.

When we practice reading and giving feedback, we become better writers ourselves. And we learn A LOT from the feedback received. We also cultivate community and heightened storytelling. Our circle of writers will help you to bring out the best in your creative work, seeing what you cannot. And you will lend your unique lens to your fellow writers, helping their work blossom.

You will be grouped according to genre (if we have enough writers to do so), so that you will be receiving and providing feedback for no more than 6-8 writers.

Each week you can submit up to 1,000 words for feedback.

Where else can you get that level of support?

We've seen writing coaching that starts at $3000 per month, for one coach.

Here, you get the support of 2 coaches over 8 weeks for only $149!

Rather than struggling to write in solitude, jump into our community of writers.

We will help you move one giant step closer to birthing your book.

You've got this!

And we've got your back.

We believe in you.

"Maraya exceeded my expectation as a line/copy editor and coached me through the final steps of completing my manuscript."

- Linda Watney, Joyful Chaos: Finding Humor in Parentin

Stephanie and Maraya support your journey from writer to published author.

Maraya is an experienced Freelance Editor and Book Coach with over 25 years in the coaching industry. She has published numerous articles related to Health &Wellness and three books of poetry: Metamorphosis of a Narcissist; Reflections and Shadows; and Leftovers. She just launched her memoir: Love, Death & Tango. You can find more info about Maraya on her website.

Stephanie is the author of the Anna’s Angels series of children’s books, Grandfather Grasshopper, and Nourish: Ayurveda-inspired 21-day Detox. She was a regular contributor to Gaiam, with articles in Finer Minds and Sivana East. She is a writing and self-publishing coach, helping writers bring their stories into the world. Stephanie recently released her memoir: An Accidental Awakening. Find Stephanie here.


What's that you say? You have ideas in your head but no clear direction on your book? No problem. We offer you our free course: Write Your Book. You receive lessons and plenty of exercises to get clear on your book, your message and your reader!

Even if you have a good sense of your book, Write Your Book can help you gain even more clarity and inspiration for your writing.

Because of the level of support involved in helping our writers, we only offer this course twice per year.

Registration for the next session is open now.

We begin our 8-week writing journey on April 20th.

We want you to focus on writing your book, so we keep groups small in order to provide you with maximum feedback yet limit the time you spend writing feedback for others. Register now to ensure your seat in the course.

**Once you register, you will be able to access your course intro and receive the link to WRITE YOUR BOOK.**

We are honoured and excited to be on this journey with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts April 20, 2020 and wraps up in June, in time for summer!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does the rest of the year sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course until the end of 2020 - across any and all devices you own. You can refer back to the comments, resources and information as often as you like.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If, for any reason, you decide not to continue with the course, you can receive a full refund when you cancel within the first 7 days of the course start date. We hope, however, that you will give your book your best efforts and commit to the duration of the process.

June will come either way. Will it find you with a half-finished manuscript, wondering where the time went? Or will you be celebrating the completion of your project?

Our first live call is April 20th. Will you be joining us?

Get started now!